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[Android] Sygic GPS Navigation v 17.3.13 Europe Maps

[Image: 919065logo.jpg]

General Information

System Requirements: Android 4.0 or +

A map for everything, A map for all travelers
A unique application for everyday use and
special occasions that contains all the information you
need - drive, walk, and explore , with the possibility to
book your hotel, restaurant or excursion. New interactive map content
, improved night use and integration of Yelp, Foursquare and Viator.

POI danger

danger zones are already included in this version

To add more information on poiplaza or elsewhere, create an "import" folder
in Maps of the same path and copy .upi & .bmp files to it.
It then installs during the first sygic run and can be found
in the favorite setting / map / point of interest / pi.

Folder paths may differ depending on the version, but the principle remains the same

Information from the

Sygic application : GPS Navigation & Maps is the world's most installed offline GPS navigation application, based on TomTom Maps.
With Sygic: GPS Navigation, you get FREE access to the following services:
offline TomTom-maps, points of interest, route planning and free map updates.
High-quality maps from TomTom and third-party vendors are stored on your Android phone, tablet,
or SD card so you can browse without an Internet connection.

To get the most out of the app, upgrade to the Premium option and enjoy the following features for life:
3D maps, voice-guided step-by-step navigation, lane guidance, speed limit warnings,
and more. display of intersections with direction arrows in complex intersections.

FREE LIFETIME: GPS, offline TomTom-maps, points of interest, route planning
and free map updates; or switch to Premium lifetime navigation.


1. If you have an already installed version, it is preferable to uninstall the previous version
and delete the folder "com.sygic.aura" or "Sygic" (internal memory Phone or SD)

(For new installations, go to point 2)

2a. For Android <4.4+ Copy subfolders / files from the "basefolder" directory to Sygic \ into the root (SD / Card or Internal Memory)

2b. For Android> 4.4+ Copy the subfolders / files "Android", "Maps", "Res" from the "Basefolder / sygic" directory to Android \ data \ com.sygic.aura \ files \ (SD / Card or Internal Memory ) (if not present create files manually)

3. Europe cards are included.

4. Copy the maps (\ basefolder \ Sygic \ Maps \) into the Maps directories on the phone (\ Android \ Data \ com.sygic.aura \ Files \ Maps \) or (Sygic \ Maps \)

5. Copy and Install the APK (s17313c_useful_for_ta_maps_only.apk)

6. Start the application, ignore the email, and accept the import at startup.

Download (7.8 GB):[/font]

The included files:

[Image: QZTgxVk.png]

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