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MyWay / WipNav (RNEG) Maps 2019-2020 (2020-1)

Installation Mapping 2020-1 (MyWay - WipNav) from Citroën - Peugeot
Update 10/2020: Database "Here" 2nd quarter 2019

Download (9.33 GB):

Decompression with 7zip or Winrar
http : //


To Install on the SDHC card:

1 / Have a SDHC card of 16 GB because size of 8.30 GB after decompression (8 821 891 072 bytes) that most cards of 8 GB do not accept

2 / Format the in fat32, file allocation size: 64k

3 / Once the RNEG_2020-1.rar file has been downloaded, open it and drag the "Copy SD" folder directly to the root of the SDHC card. Rename "Copy SD" to "database" .

4 / With the ignition off and the radio off, insert the SDHC card into the vehicle's reader.

5 / Turn on the radio, switch to Navigation mode, the system loads the map

If the system tells you that it does not recognize the map

Go to "setup" "then press the 1 + 2 + 3 buttons simultaneously to access the hidden menu. Enter "settings" then "System Reset (Reboot)". The system reboots and the map appears on the screen.


I'm new owner of 3008 year 2012 with WipNav GPS.
I'ld like to update it but not easy to find one good version working correctly for free.
The link above need a suscribe payment for more than 1Go, is it possible to have it on free download site please ?


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