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NaviDrive 3D/WipCom 3D (NG4) Citroen-Peugeot Maps (2019-1) (Unofficial) - 12/2018

[Image: ng4-rcz-2.jpg]

NG4 N42c firmware update available here:[/font][/font]
Database "Here" 2nd quarter 2018
Quote:The Europe 2019-1 map (~ 13.9 GB) in total (after decompression) 
This version is based on the latest BMW 2019-1 maps of Here, the 3D buildings are not up to date, only the maps are. 
Database "Here" Q2.2018


Decompression with 7zip 

Quote:Installation Guide:

1 / Format your USB key or SD (Min 16 GB) in Fat32. 
2 / Copy all the files from the "Copy USB or SD" folder to the root of the usb or sd key. 
3 / Your USB key is ready (Installation time ~ 60 min)

PS: You can have error code 0x26E at the end of installation. 
Restart, then press "OK". 
The installation is finished. 
Additional help

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