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(2021-2) e-MyWay / WipNav + (RT6, SMEG, SMEG + IV2) Citroën-Peugeot maps

[Image: Peugeot-navigation-maps-Europe.jpg]

Download Update (5.41 GB):

Java generator (if necessary):


Quote:Activation of the mapping on RT6 (if necessary): after downloading the activation software,

1 / You must bring a USB stick of 4 or 8 GB, then format it in FAT32
2 / Copy all the files in the folder " RT6 Calculator " on the USB key
3 / Recover the files " CCT.DAT.INF " and " CCT.DAT " in folder "RT6_SMEG_SMEG + IV2_EUROPE_2021-2.ZIP" and place them on the USB key. 
4 / Insert this USB key, engine running , in the RT6, and answer "yes" to the question. 
5 / You get the activation key that scrolls on the screen, in a few seconds.
6 / This activation key is also saved on your USB key, in a new file named License (to save) . 
7 / You can remove USB key, there erase everything , except the license file , and put the map by copying all the files in the folder "RT6_SMEG_SMEG + IV2_EUROPE_2021-2.ZIP" . 

If you copy this license file to the CD or USB stick used to update the cards, it will detect it and will not even ask you to enter the activation key. 
Otherwise you will have to enter it (a long series of letters and numbers); therefore, it is better to include the license file in the update.

Then simply put the USB key with the map (and the license file), wait for the detection of the media, and click on update maps; then choose the country to update (20 to 25 minutes per country, engine running, and you can ride).

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